Let’s Craft a Story

Something about this uncertain time has made me feel listless, as I think many of us feel. I haven’t wanted to do much, especially because working from home seems to require more time than the standard 40 hours in the office. Don’t even get me started on parenting… I read a great quote in an article the other day that said “I don’t even feel like I’m parenting at the moment. We’re all just alive and in the same room.” And staying alive (ah ah ah ah) is pretty much the goal right now. The only goal.

But I’ve also felt very isolated. Daily zooms and constant emails aren’t enough. It’s business as usual, but I craved something more creative. I’ve been writing on my own, maybe more than normal, but I wanted to collaborate.

So I brainstormed. I thought about starting another podcast, but editing and uploading and promoting really burned me out on my previous podcast ventures, so I shifted to Instagram and created Let’s Craft a Story. Starting Monday, prompts will be posted that people can write about in the comments, or add into their own IG Stories.

The most perfect logo by Callie Leuck

The first batch of story starters for the Postcard Project were sent out last week. I started with writers I know personally, and they’ve already been getting their cards. I wrote a few lines of a story on a postcard and mailed it to them. They will write the next part of the story on a postcard and mail it back to me, and so on until we come to a logical end to the story. Some stories might run for a set amount of cards, and you have to make it work within that restriction. I’m taking photos of each card so the images can be shared on @LetsCraftAStory and enjoyed by all.

Eventually, things will ramp up where postcards can be sent to any interested participant (when PO Boxes can be safely procured), and stories will be improvised with multiple users on IG Stories. It’s going to be a fun project, so if you’re interested, follow along on Instagram and/or email letscraftastory@gmail.com.

Published by Allison

Allison Renner is a writer, librarian, and photographer. She has a passion for telling stories through different media.

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