2021 Writing In Review

Since April, I’ve submitted 44 times to 32 different outlets. For someone who hasn’t been on a submitting spree since… 2011? I’ll take that. Out of those submissions, five are still out. Five were accepted. My one-sentence flash is published HERE. “Just a Little Crush” is published in an anthology you can find HERE. “DouglasContinue reading “2021 Writing In Review”

Mall Rats: An Anthology

I’m excited to announce that Mall Rats: An Anthology came into the world on December 7, 2021. Many writers gathered together to celebrate this birth with a reading, as is the custom. Everyone is so talented and it was a treat to hear everyone’s words in their own voices, spotlighting each personality. Something I’ve comeContinue reading “Mall Rats: An Anthology”

All is Not Lost

I recently lost 15 years of data due to a corrupt external hard drive. Three and a half degrees’ worth of research and projects. Graphic design. English. Creative Writing. Library Science. Fifteen years of photography portfolios and outtakes. Art. Band photos. Portraits. Personal images. Notes, journals, and photographs of my travels up and down theContinue reading “All is Not Lost”