Shade Sails for Outdoor Learning Spaces (Writing Sample)

Schools across the country are trying to figure out the safest way to reopen their doors for students this fall. In addition to covid health screening precautions, many school buildings are discovering that they need more space to properly adhere to the 6 feet required for social distancing. With the first day fast approaching, schoolContinue reading “Shade Sails for Outdoor Learning Spaces (Writing Sample)”

Let’s Craft a Story

Something about this uncertain time has made me feel listless, as I think many of us feel. I haven’t wanted to do much, especially because working from home seems to require more time than the standard 40 hours in the office. Don’t even get me started on parenting… I read a great quote in anContinue reading “Let’s Craft a Story”

Flash Fiction Contests During Quarantine

It has been interesting to see how small businesses and non-profits, especially in the arts sector, are getting creative and innovative with our usual forms of self-expression and entertainment not open for business. Many are adapting with virtual museum tours and art gallery exhibitions. Since Playhouse on the Square can’t have shows onstage, they areContinue reading “Flash Fiction Contests During Quarantine”