Flash Fiction Contests During Quarantine

It has been interesting to see how small businesses and non-profits, especially in the arts sector, are getting creative and innovative with our usual forms of self-expression and entertainment not open for business. Many are adapting with virtual museum tours and art gallery exhibitions. Since Playhouse on the Square can’t have shows onstage, they are having Instagram takeovers by their company members, and last week they started Flash Writing: A Digital Play Festival.

I love any kind of writing contest, but flash fiction is my jam. Short and sweet, and even if you wanted to, you can’t spend too much time overthinking it because… there’s just not enough there to edit to death. Playhouse is announcing a new theme each Monday morning, with submissions due Friday afternoon. Actors read submitted writing on videos posted on Facebook Sunday evening. Short and sweet, with deadlines for those who thrive with deadlines (coughmecough). It’s something fun to do during this time, it’s innovative, it’s engaging.

Week One’s theme was “I dreamed that I…” Click below to view my submission, read (a million times better than I heard it in my head when I wrote it) by Eileen Peterson.

I dreamed that I

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