Sunday Expert

Scrolling Twitter can be a good experience or a terrible one, but I try to follow a lot of writers, publishers, and librarians so that my timeline is filled with creative, book-loving, often amusing information. One of my favorite tweets lately really got me thinking, so I wanted to share it here.

I love the idea of becoming a mini expert on something. Actually, I love the idea of following through on my notes. My phone is full of notes and reminders that are just short phrases, concepts, periods in history. Things I want to write about eventually. Things I don’t want to forget.

Things I never get to.

The idea of devoting a Sunday to become an expert is manageable, and, to fully out myself a nerd – it sounds fun!If I’ll have dedicated time to research, time to write about what I’ve studied. I can let myself be surprised by how it comes out: as poetry, as essays, as memoir veiled as fiction.

My first Sunday Expert might turn into a deep dive, we’ll see. But I’ve been wanting to learn more about the Salem Witch Trials for a long while, so here we go.

What topic would you want to become a Sunday expert in?

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