Is it a cliffhanger if you kind of forget you left it hanging?

Why not.

Ironically, I forgot about sharing my personal writing news because I was busy with professional writing deadlines. But the fact that I couldn’t finish a follow-up post makes all of the other pieces fall into place…

I’ve been writing flash fiction. I’ve always enjoyed having constraints on my writing: timed sessions, word count limits, etc. I’ve enjoyed using those constraints when I taught writing workshops, because students would feel pressured, then be amazed at what they were actually capable.

I need to feel amazed right now. And I need to feel like I still have a creative outlet while not adding something stressful to my plate.

So I’m keeping it lighthearted over at Lightning Flash, aiming to write a short piece every work day, just to flex the muscles. I’m also conducting a more extensive study of the craft of flash, and reading flash written by others, and hope to share inspiration accordingly.

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