Mall Rats: An Anthology

I’m excited to announce that Mall Rats: An Anthology came into the world on December 7, 2021. Many writers gathered together to celebrate this birth with a reading, as is the custom. Everyone is so talented and it was a treat to hear everyone’s words in their own voices, spotlighting each personality.

Something I’ve come to realize this year is that the writing community is flat-out amazing. If you’re reading grumpy takes on Twitter and trying to figure out who’s subtweeting who, you’re doing it wrong.

Find yourself a group like the writers in this anthology who laughed, clapped, cheered, and left supportive comments in the Zoom chat, making you feel like you were actually all together even though it wasn’t possible. I pictured us in the mall food court, stealing chairs from surrounding tables, huddled together making other patrons nervous.

I never thought I’d miss those days of walking the mall for hours because we had nowhere else to do, but this collection elevates the mall to something meaningful. Don’t miss it – get your copy (or ebook!) from the Daily Drunk.

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