“Witches Do That Sometimes” published at MicroLit Almanac

Today my piece “Witches Do That Sometimes” is live at MicroLit Almanac.

I get Kathy Fish’s newsletter, The Art of Flash Fiction, and try to make time to do her writing prompts because they’re fantastic. After a rough day at work in February, I knew I needed to stretch my creative muscles. I saved her email “Same Song, Three Verses,” until I was sitting in afternoon carline, read it, and immediately pulled out my notebook and started writing. The result was the first draft of “Witches Do That Sometimes.”

I’m grateful that everything came together to deliver that newsletter on that day so that my mind could push my usual boundaries to write this story. So thank you Kathy Fish, for your inspiration and support! And thanks to the MicroLit Almanac and Birch Bark Editing team for choosing this story!

As an added bonus, the editors let me submit one of my photographs to complement the piece. I think it fits the mood perfectly.

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