Creative Outlet: Artist Trading Cards

I haven’t been writing lately. I have three big projects on my plate but I can’t seem to dedicate any time to them. A friend and I talked about other creative outlets as ways to unwind, landing on tangles, which made me remember a folder I doodled on during a high school mythology class.

I didn’t finish the back because it was a one-semester elective.

As I went hunting for this folder, I found a box that I had also doodled on – though not as long ago as high school. No, these were college doodles, best remembered as the peak of my LiveJournal period (2004 to 2007 for normal people).

Through an LJ art community, I discovered Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) and started making my own. You could post them on the LJ community and trade with others. I still have a ton of completed cards, plus supplies to make more.

I love the concept of tiny artwork, making something in a short time, feeling productive and complete. I hope to photograph them all to share on my (woefully long-forgotten) art Instagram and find other artists to start trading again.

I love using the constraints of the fixed size (2.5″ x 3.5″) to show a beautiful image that gives the viewer enough space to add the details in their mind… Wait, that sounds a lot like another creative outlet I enjoy, doesn’t it?

Anyway, this is probably my favorite card I made. A two-parter called Rock & Roll All Nite. Note the custom title/credit image I made to back my cards… Ah, youth.

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