High Fidelity

I’ve been watching High Fidelity on Hulu, trying not to binge because it’s so good, I want to make it last. I read High Fidelity in high school – maybe freshman or sophomore year? When music meant everything and a book, and book character, that understood that was like my bible. I saw the movie not long after, and loved both so much that I read and re-read my paperback, and (accidentally!) stole a VHS from Blockbuster. You take your Say Anything John Cusack – my definition of him is Rob from the record shop. (That being said, Zoe Kravitz completely kills it as the new Rob.)

As someone who narrates her daily life and breaks the fourth wall (wait, is there a fourth wall in real life?), I really enjoyed (and still enjoy) seeing that reflected in fiction and film. Watching the show now, years after last reading the book or watching the movie, I still feel “seen” and understood. I am an adult female with a black heart, but this show rewinds my memories to high school and college and helps me harness those emotions more than reading young adult fiction has done for me lately. I don’t know what that says about me, but overall it’s nice to remember I did used to feel feelings and have hopes and dreams. The show itself has taken me to a place that should help me finish a work that has been… a decade? in the making. A short story collection centered around music, one playlist in particular, and if there’s anything any version of Rob understands, it’s the perfect playlist.

So here I am, slowly watching episode after episode of High Fidelity, listening to that playlist, thinking about my words and my stories and my memories, trying to get it all down and out there so… who knows what will happen to it, but at least it will be done.

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